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Former sugar refinery with a total area of about 36 hectares is located in the outskirts of the city Rimavská Sobota, in the immediate vicinity of the main driveway to the city centre. Rimavská Sobota lies on a main transport corridor Banská Bystrica - Zvolen - Lučenec - Košice and has direct connections to major regional roads and transits, with the possibility of connection to the railway tracks. The area was divided into Industrial zone and Retail zone. All the lands are connected to all utilities and sole owner is the company RS - Real, LLC.


Cadastral map

District Rimavská Sobota is located in the southern part of middle Slovakia, is the largest district in the Banská Bystrica region, is an area of 1,471.08 square kilometres with 84,577 inhabitants and an average population density 57 people per 1 km² (31. 12. 2015). Administrative seat of the district is the town Rimavská Sobota, which has 22,827 inhabitants, but the overall catchment area Rimavská Sobota includes over 100,000 residents.


Industrial zone

The total area of ​​the complex with an area of cca 36 ha was divided into Industrial Zone spanning an area of cca 22 ha (blue area) and Retail Zone spanning an area of ​​cca 14 ha. The current master plan of Rimavská Sobota and applicable laws of the Slovak Republic, the land area allow the construction so commercial - retail/wholesale real estates, as well as light industrial and logistics parks. Industrial Zone is ready for anyone interested in the field of light industry and logistics. Significant support from the Government approved in 2015, makes this area an interesting location not only for foreign investors.

District Rimavská Sobota was with the Government of Slovak Republic incorporated in the maximum state support for jobs creation. Investors in this area can get significant subsidies from the state to markedly reduce their capital and operational costs. It is also possible for individual investment projects get support from the Structural and other EU funds.

If interested, we provide investors with complete service regarding of state support and EU funds.

Note: Grey roads were constructed, red roads are planned.


Retail zone

In Rimavská Sobota they are represented major retail chains of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) as BILLA, KAUFLAND, LIDL, HYPERNOVA, TESCO. However, the created Retail Zone in the area of RS-Real, LLC. with chain TESCO, is for the retail networks the only one place, that provides a real opportunity for creating a synergistic cluster of retail chains and which is able to attract large number of customers from the whole catchment area, comprising more than 100,000 inhabitants.

Retail Zone spanning 140,000 m² situated right by the main road leading to the city centre Rimavská Sobota. The main access to the Retail Zone is the main road through a newly constructed roundabout. Retail Zone is connected to all utilities that are placed directly on the land.

Since 2010, the Retail Zone on an area of ​​4,000 m² is a TESCO supermarket. Together with the TESCO supermarket in 2010 was open to buying "Gallery Primum" (Intercora) with a leasable area of ​​2,700 m². The "Gallery Primum" tenants are retailers brand Expert Elektro (electric), Tempo Kondela (furniture), DEICHMANN (shoes), Takko (fashion) and Dráčik (toys). Since 2013, it was open manual car wash MOBYDICK.

Galleria Mall "Gallery Komín" was in the Retail Zone opened in November 2015, with a leasable area of ​​3,900 m². The "Gallery Komín" are tenants of retail brands Sportissimo (sportswear), CCC (shoes and handbags), GATE (clothing), Pepco (clothing, toys, fashion accessories), Tedi (office accessories, stationery), 101 Chemist (drugstore), OKAY Electric (electrical) and Casino Admiral (cafe and casino). Simultaneously with the shopping mall "Gallery Komín" was at the end of 2015 opened the petrol station TANKER.

Note: Grey roads were constructed, red roads are planned.

Already built To be open in 2016/2017 Available

Following Development of Retail Zone

Zone 6 is planned to build a fast food restaurant.

Zones "A" and "B" have already been sold, the developer plans to open the zones "A" and "B" at the end of 2017. In the zones "A" and "B" will find banks, restaurants and retail MOUNTFIELD (garden tools, pools, furniture). In addition, negotiations are underway with the European fashion retailers and resellers of equipment for household and sanitary (bathroom, toilet).

The remaining part of Retail Zone is suitable for retailers respectively wholesalers, who need large area retail premises (internal/external), for example furniture shop, shop of building materials, shop type of hobby shops DYI (Do It Yourself) sales and rental of cars.

The following overview shows the availability of individual lands of Retail Zone. The size and shape of the land can be adjusted according to the requirements of the investor.

  • Zone

    Built area: 1 000 m2

    Land area: 2 800 m2

  • Zone

    Built area: 400 m2

    Land area: 1 100 m2

  • Zone

    Built area: 2 000 m2

    Land area: 5 700 m2

  • Zone

    Built area: 4 000 m2

    Land area: 9 000 m2

  • Zone

    Built area: 1 000 - 2 500 m2

    Land area: 6 000 m2

  • Zone

    Built area: variable

    Land area: optional

  • Zone

    Built area: variable

    Land area: up to 5 ha


The company RS - Real, LLC. it gives you the ability to build on your chosen property next/new branch of your brand.

The company RS - Real, LLC. is the sole owner of all the lands of Retail zone and Industrial zone, with large-capacity transport connections and access to all utilities.

If you are interested, the company RS - Real, LLC. properly and with due care and local contacts, by law SR, flexibly provide services related to engineering activities and preparation for construction, as well as the actual construction of your next/new branch.


RS-Real, LLC.
registered seat at Cukrovarská 1
979 01 Rimavská Sobota

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